Angkarak Chet Dek Kmean Meta China Movie 47

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High-ranking officer Lu Yi of the Jinyiwei of the Ming Dynasty, commonly known as the Brocaded Guards due to their ornately embroidered uniforms, is cold, brutal, and dictatorial. One of the best at his profession is Lu Yi, a member of the Jinyiwei, the Emperor’s elite bodyguards and secret police.

He encounters Yuan Jin Xia, a female police officer from the 6th Division who is brilliant, fiery, and tomboyish, and they quarrel over a case they were both engaged in. Their paths continue to cross awkwardly through a string of minor incidents up until the Emperor asks Lu Yi to conduct a covert investigation into the disappearance of money set aside for Yangzhou river repairs. Yuan Jin Xia is a member of the tiny team that is with him, and as the two of them cooperate to solve the case, they learn about a plot involving top court officials and watch as their feelings for one another shift from hostility to respectful friendship to love.

Due to a case, Yuan Jinxia, a gifted six-door female investigator, fell in love with Lu Yi, a cruel Jinyiwei. Jinxia believed that she would never see him again in her life, but they ran into one other on a winding road. The 100,000 taels allocated by the imperial court for river repairs vanished. He received a directive this summer to accompany Lu Yi as he traveled to Yangzhou to look into the matter and find the missing official bank for the imperial court. Initially, they had distinct strategies and did not plan anything together, but after learning about the horrifying hidden case, they came together. The two changed from being incompatible to admiring and eventually falling in love with one another, and from that point forward, the wheels of fate began to revolve together. In contrast to predictions, Jin Xia ended up being Xia Ran’s case’s orphan that particular year. Between her and Lu Yi, who was mired in a family blood feud, there was an impenetrable chasm. In the end, the two lovers overcame obstacles, set aside resentments with their families, banded together to fight the enemy, broke free from the confines of the world, and valiantly worked together to save the populace, battle Japanese pirates, and get rid of traitors.

Yuan Jinxia, a six-door female detective, collaborated with Yang Yue while disguising herself as a man. They successfully apprehended the wanted felon Li Dan and found the kidnapped Cao Ling’er. The coastal defense chart was stolen, and the perpetrator was Cao Kun. At the same time, Jin Yiwei Lu Yi tortured the criminal in Fusi Prison in Beizhen in order to extract crucial information from his mouth. After receiving the signal, Yuan Jinxia hurried to Cao Mansion to meet up with his mentor Yang Chengwan. His lord informed him that Cao Kun, the Minister of War, unexpectedly passed away yesterday night after his home caught fire and caught fire. He recreated the crime scene and determined that this was an intentional murder using the tracking technique he acquired this summer. Jin Yiwei Lu Yi then showed in and stole the documents out of Yuan Jinxia’s hand after Jin Xia had already seized them to track down Cao Kun. Yuan Jinxia pulled out his revolver and pointed it at Lu Yi, but Lu Yi grabbed it and questioned him while pointing it at his head. Simply let it go. Lu Yi examined the body after entering the room and realized it wasn’t Cao Kun. So the two decided to place a wager on who would crack the case first. This summer, as I was hawking tofu in the late hours at Qiaotou, I ran across Lu Yi and detained Li Dan once more. He destroyed Jinxia’s tofu stand before Yuan Jinxia stopped him from turning around. After giving her two taels of silver, he dismissed her. He disguised himself as a food delivery person this summer to search for Li Dan and Cao Kun. When Yuan Jinxia learned, he and Dayang Bing conducted two separate searches.

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