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Shao Yuhan simultaneously performed two procedures with the assistance of Mi Ka, Xu Yanshan, and other people. Although Shao Yuhan maintained her composure in the face of peril while the two injured patients were in critical condition during the procedure, the two operations were finally successful. Outside the ICU, Xing Kelei and Xiao Chao were by themselves and appeared depressed. He was convinced to go to a convenience store to buy food by Mi Ka. Mi Ka learned from Xing Kelei that Xiaochao had initially been rejected from the SWAT team owing to a lack of physical fitness, but Xing Kelei had pushed him to keep trying. He heavily blamed himself at this point. This catastrophe might not have occurred if Xiao Chao had left. Mi Ka calmed Xing Kelei by sharing his experiences as a physician and saying, “The night gives us black eyes, and we must use them to find light.” The two appreciated one another and improved their understanding after spending the night talking. When Mi Ka found out that Xing Kelei had hidden a diploma in her old hoodie, she was even more certain that she was a kind person. Hospital administrators made Shao Yuhan answer for his platform-diving operation. Mi Ka spoke at the meeting with integrity and refused to submit to authority. She thinks that life transcends all laws and structures. Although Shao Yuhan appeared to be calm on the outside, he was actually quite happy since he felt like Mi Ka was a fellow traveler.


For an excuse to thank everyone for caring for Xiao Chao and to offer condolences to Mi Ka, Xing Kelei placed an order for a large quantity of milk tea and sent it to Shenwai. Mi Ka unexpectedly visited the emergency room but was denied a drink. She just recalls that Xing Kelei promised to share his joys and sorrows with her, but since then, not a single WeChat message has been sent, which is clearly a sign of disloyalty. Wei Lan and Shao Yuhan discovered they attended the same school when they first met. Wei Lan was informed by Shao Yuhan that the underlying goal of sending Mi Ka to the ER was to hone her capacity for flexibility. Mi Ka was a good seedling in his eyes. When the two discussed Shao Yuhan’s ex-girlfriend Xing Keyao’s impending return to China during their talk, Shao Yuhan maintained his composure. Xu Yanshan had a positive outlook because she respected Shao Yuhan. Shao Yuhan sternly replied, admonishing Xu Yanshan to concentrate more on his work. Xing Kelei expressed his worry to Mi Ka via a WeChat message, but after chatting until he was blue in the face, all he could do was sigh and stare up at the sky. He hurried to the hospital after finishing the closed training only to discover that Mi Ka had been taken to the emergency room. When he approached Mi Ka to explain his discovery of Shao Yuhan, Mi Ka furiously took him away. After Mi Ka accused Xing Kelei of acting independently, the two got into an argument and ultimately split up.



Xiaoxia learned that Shu Wenbo’s mother had gone to the city to visit family, and that Shu Wenbo was unable to pick her up because of something else he had to do. She made the decision to entertain Shu’s mother and hurried to the station to pick her up. Shu Wenbo bemoaned that even though his mother had only been in contact with Xiao Xia for one day, she had undergone such a garish transformation that he dared not attempt to recognize her. When Shu’s mother observed that Xiao Xia had a crush on Shu Wenbo, she got ready to introduce the two. A significant dose of atropine was required to save the life of Mu Mu, a young girl who had been poisoned by pesticides and was brought to the emergency room. But it’s too late to finish the bottles of atropine that are still in the hospital; they are only available in modest dosages. Mi Ka sat down silently while everyone else was rushing, then she started breaking the bottles. When Wei Lan noticed this, she urged everyone to help and even requested that any available medical personnel visit the emergency area to lend a hand. Even though everyone pitched in to smash the bottles, the hospital was forced to bring atropine from elsewhere because it was out of stock. It was challenging to deliver it on time at this time because it was the evening rush hour. When Xing Kelei visited Mi Ka, he observed this. Li Nian and the other people on duty on the road were notified right once, and he personally guided the crew in opening a green channel so that medicine could be delivered to Mu Mu. Mumu was saved from death thanks to the tireless efforts of everyone who helped her take her medication on time. However, the already struggling family is significantly worse when the expensive cost of further therapy is included in. Mi Ka decided to take the initiative and lend Mu Mu the money he was intending to use for rent in order to pay for treatment since he couldn’t bear to see Mu Mu stop receiving therapy. Unexpectedly, the landlord not only declined to extend a grace period of a few days, but also seized the chance to increase the rent. Mi Ka abruptly stopped paying the rent and temporarily moved into the waiting room.


After learning that Mi Ka was homeless via Xiao Xia, Xing Kelei requested that Chen Tao rent his residence to Mi Ka at a discounted rate under the alias of “Friend A”. Xing Keyao’s home is across the street, where he relocated. Chen Tao questioned Xing Kelei’s convoluted behavior. This is referred to as excellent actions leaving no name, according to Xing Kelei. In order to convince Mi Ka to rent the home without hesitation, Chen Tao used all available tricks to get Mi Ka to look at the property. Mi Ka recently relocated to Xing Kelei’s house. But after moving there, she became aware of a problem. The following day, the house would be filled with all the daily requirements she so casually indicated. Xiaoxia installed a camera in the home because she thought the landlord was a pervert. She found a justification right away to get in touch with Shu Wenbo and ask. Shu Wenbo unexpectedly showed up and informed Mi Ka that the tenant’s name was Xing Kelei. Mi Ka was uncertain. She knowingly told Chen Tao that the home’s electric switch was faulty in an effort to learn the truth. As it turned out, Xing Kelei went home in stealth at night to fix the switch under the impression that Mi Ka was at work but was caught by Mi Ka. Mi Ka questioned Xing Kelei about why he secretly put on such a show. Pretending to be innocent, Xing Kelei claimed to be unaware that the tenant was Mi Ka. Serving renters includes making deliveries and fixing electrical switches. Mi Ka requested confirmation from Chen Tao, who took charge by admitting that he had forgotten to inform Mi Ka that the landlord was Xing Kelei. Mi Ka was skeptical, but Xiao Xia emphasized that this was a scam and that Xing Kelei was actually the one courting her.


Xiao Xia was fooled into thinking Shu Wenbo was lost by Shu’s mother, who then used the chance to keep Xiao Xia at home for dinner in order to bring the two women together. When Shu Wenbo returned, the three of them ate dinner together. Shu Wenbo was extremely embarrassed when Shu’s mother overtly and covertly brought the two together during the dinner. Xiaoxia unintentionally had an allergy to egg pancakes, so Shu Wenbo sent her home and assisted with her medication intake. In the city, a mad fan kidnapped an idol, and Xing Kelei led a squad to find and save the idol. Mi Ka arrived on the scene as a rescue worker to offer assistance when the hostage unexpectedly developed asthma. Xing Kelei dressed in body armor and other gear for Mi Ka before entering the scene. Mi Ka was reassured by Xing Kelei that he would protect her from harm. Mi Ka thought hazily about the special police who had saved her two years prior as she observed Xing Kelei, who was dressed in voyeur protection gear. Mi Ka has actually always remembered and adored the SWAT hero who saved her. Mi Ka arrived on the scene and fitted the hostage with a ventilator so she could breathe oxygen. The phony bomb that the thief was holding was discovered by Xing Kelei using the pinhole camera hidden below her name badge. The robbers almost noticed that something was incorrect with Mi Ka’s name badge, but she fixed it right away. Finally, Xing Kelei launched a cunning attack that was effective in freeing the hostages while minimizing losses. The knife, however, sliced his hand. Mi Ka actually had a dream following this occurrence in which the special police sergeant who had saved her had slapped Xing Kelei in the face.

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