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Chav Vay Sruk Chet Thor Chinese Series

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Status: Ongoing Released: Mar 27, 2017 - May 4, 2017 Duration: 45 min. Country: Type: TV Episodes: 42 Posted by: admin Released on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Chav Vay Sruk Chet Thor Chinese Series

Chav Vay Sruk Chet Thor Chinese Series Zheng Banqiao is committed to eradicating negative forces.
Zhang Zhu, who stole the animals, and Li Ma, who claimed to be the owner of the cattle, were presented to the county administration by Zheng Banqiao. Although Zheng Banqiao was aware that Zhang Zhu was relying on the bully Hong Xing to cause trouble, he chose to stand with Zhang Zhu for the time being so as not to alarm the snake. aside. Then, while Zheng Banqiao was working, Zhang Zhu secretly entered his study and threw a bag of silver onto his lap, suggesting that Hong Xing intended to use it to honor his lord. Zheng Banqiao momentarily accepted it in front of the Yamen Laifu and other people. In actuality, Zheng Banqiao already had a comprehensive understanding of Hong Xing following these two instances and the examination of numerous files against her. He would not put up with such bandit bullies, but he made the decision to hold off until the appropriate moment.

He was also aware that Mr. Chen, his predecessor, passed away unexpectedly while working on Hong Xing’s case. He was probably killed by Hong Xing, but it wouldn’t change his resolve. During a group dinner, Yao San was informed about Zhang Zhu’s bribery of Zheng Banqiao by Laifu. Yao San was furious because he had always insisted on fairness. He had always wanted to deal with Hong Xing legally, but every county magistrate that came after him tried to do it for financial gain. Yao San first believed that Zheng Banqiao, a great Jiangnan genius, would alter the unhealthy trends in the officialdom, therefore he chose to turn a blind eye to Hong Xing’s immoral activities. However, this episode led Yao San to believe Zheng Banqiao loved money and was a wasteful spender, just like other dishonest officials. a dishonest official with morals. In truth, Li Ma was located by Zheng Banqiao in secret.
He gave Zhang Zhu’s money bag to Li Ma and instructed him to spend it to purchase animals. Li Ma was informed of Zheng Banqiao’s hardships, and he promised to give Hong Xing justice and punishment sooner rather than later. He was aware of the complexity of the ties in Fan County, so he had to proceed cautiously, take his time, and punish Hong Xing all at once. malicious forces. Returning to the county administration, Zheng Banqiao requested that someone bring Rao Xiaomei. He inquired as to Rao Xiaomei’s intention to keep suing Hong Xing. Rao Xiaomei declared that he would keep suing on behalf of Grandma Sun and others until Zheng Banqiao accepted the lawsuit as long as the latter did not. By perusing the files during the last several days, Zheng Banqiao claimed to have learned of some of Hong Xing’s actions, and he asked Rao Xiaomei to share her knowledge with him.


Zheng Banqiao was led to Fan County’s most impoverished region by Rao Xiaomei. The low-rise residences were disorganized. The men of Hong Xing forced a few villagers to sign a deed of sale. These folks were all killed by the water, according to Rao Xiaomei. Hong Xing received a mortgage on the land in exchange for a usurious loan. They were unable to pay off the enormous loan once the interest increased. They labored assiduously for Hong Xing until their deaths and were coerced into signing a deed of sale. He noticed Grandma Sun’s grandchild being pulled by Hong Xing as soon as he was done speaking. Rao Xiaomei approached Hong Xing and engaged him in combat after realizing that he was abducting the girl. Hong Xing was brought down by Rao Xiaomei, a skilled kung fu practitioner. The brothers of Hong Xing gathered on the ground. Zheng Banqiao was greatly moved by this awful scene. When he yelled to stop, everyone was in awe. With contempt and haughtiness on his countenance, Hong Xing inquired as to who Zheng Banqiao was. In response, Zheng Banqiao stated that he was the Fan County magistrate. The comments of Zheng Banqiao were powerful. The populace, upon hearing this, fell to the ground and pleaded with the county master to make the choice on their behalf. Zheng Banqiao asked him to assist the people as he watched them sob. He assured them that nothing would go wrong as long as Zheng Banqiao was alive and that he would save their lives. He then made his way to Hong Xing and switched places with her. Chat in private. Zheng Banqiao claimed that he would remove all of these people before returning his capital, using both force and tact. Zheng Banqiao intimidated Hong Xing into agreeing to the situation.

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