Chong Pov Bros Sart EP 29

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Turn Off Light

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Chong Pov Bros Sart After learning that Jiang Qianfan had become unwell seven months prior, Dr. Xie informed Elise of his confusion. Elise informed him that Jiang Qianfan had developed a new habit during the previous seven months of using essential oils before bed, and she pledged to deliver the oils to him. Allow Dr. Xie to examine it. Dr. Xie was both scared and delighted when Elise fell asleep on his shoulder in the taxi on the way back. Bu Lu is growing increasingly fond of Xiao Yu, but Xiao Yu doesn’t even glance at Bu Lu—instead, he is preoccupied with beating Lin Kesong. When Huang Shi realized Bu Lu was infatuated, he urged Bu Lu to start pursuing Lin Xiaoyu.

When Jiang Qianfan first saw Elise in Yuxuan, he assumed the encounter would be unpleasant. However, Elise was quite clear about the boundaries between personal and official affairs. Jiang Qianfan told Elise at the bar after work that he wasn’t interested in anything but cooking, not that he wasn’t interested in her. Elise felt conflicted about his desire to make up for it. Li Yan was given some cash by Elise, who withheld from him the reason for Li Yan’s request to pilfer the essential oils that Jiang Qianfan was often given. Li Yan was forced to do it in order to make money.

Lin Xiaoyu was studying diligently, while Lin Kesong was making incredible progress. The player who often showed her favor, Blue, was genuinely dedicated to Xiaoyu, and the two were like a happy couple of enemies, but her hatred caused her to disregard him. When Uncle Lin witnessed the two sisters turning against one another, he was devastated and did all in his power to stop Lin Xiaoyu from harboring animosity. But after being influenced by Boris, Lin Xiaoyu’s food was mostly driven by her rage.

Following their argument, Lin Kesong desired to exit the tournament and withdraw. Song Yiran requested that Lin Kesong go with him in order to defend her. Jiang Qianfan informed Lin Kesong, nonetheless, that one of the terms of the agreement he had signed prohibited ending the partnership within three years. Although Lin Kesong detested Jiang Qianfan’s vile tactics, he was forced to put up a passive resistance and purposefully give him a lot of grief. Song Yiran was perplexed as to Lin Kesong’s continued presence in Jiang Qianfan. The two split up because Chu Ting could no longer put up with Song Yiran’s overwhelming care for Lin Kesong.

Concerned about Xiaoyu, who was confined to her house, Blue devised a plan to get in touch with her and feigned to be a messenger in order to rescue her. Uncle Lin was unable to control his anger. Xiao Yu was extremely anxious when Blu broke into his master Huang Shi’s business covertly on his behalf. However, Huangshi did more than just refrain from criticizing; he actually urged Blue to go after Xiaoyu. It was a very different laid-back vibe from Boris, and Xiaoyu thoroughly enjoyed herself. With the assistance of his older brother, Song Yiran and Chu Ting were able to make amends, but their discomfort remained unbearable.

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