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Chrolorm Rorngka Pdo Veasna Sne Chinese Series

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Status: Ongoing Network: , , Released: Feb 16, 2023 - Mar 11, 2023 Duration: 45 min. Country: Type: TV Episodes: 40 Posted by: admin Released on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Chrolorm Rorngka Pdo Veasna Sne Chinese Series

Chrolorm Rorngka Pdo Veasna Sne Chinese Series Shen Yuan’s sin slave, Xue Qingxin, was born into slavery. She battled for the throne only to erase the dishonor of her mother and concubine since she had endured thousands of years of humiliation at the hands of Queen Shen Yuan. When the mother and son spoke candidly, Xue Qingxin stated that Queen Shen Yuan had shown concern over what Chaofeng had done. Ye Tan put a lot of effort into studying for the test in the book bag. After seeing this, Xuan Shang was extremely happy and personally taught Ye Tan the eternal method as well as outlining its main ideas for him. The two of them learned that Xuan Shang had provided the incorrect response to the question on the exam day. By making deductions from a single occurrence, Ye Tan successfully passed the exam and submitted an application for formal admission. Di Lan Jue, who attempted to rescue Ye Tan from the heaven by flying there, was instead adopted and nurtured as a dog by Zi Wu, the sister of Xuan Shang.

To make fun of Feng, Qing Kui confronted Shen Yuan Palace’s unbeatable prince Wu Dai. Everyone believed Qing Kui was exaggerating her skills. Chaofeng himself was covertly considering how to save Qing Kui. Qing Kui unexpectedly used her medical expertise to defeat Qing Kui. Wu Dai. Qing Kui’s medical prowess inspired Wu Dai, who later fell in love with her. Hearing this, Chaofeng developed intense jealousy. He could not openly argue with Wu Dai due to his own plan of maintaining a low profile, so he could only act as though he was in a martial arts competition and unintentionally hurt Wu Dai. Ye Tan and Xuan Shang had agreed that Xuan Shang would open the Rainbow Eyes for Ye Tan if Ye Tan had an A grade, but Ye Tan received a B. Ye Tan had no alternative but to utilize stalking techniques to coerce Xuan Shang into unlocking the Rainbow Eye since Xuan Shang was selfless and would not budge.

In an effort to escape the commotion caused by everyone, Xuan Shang took Ye Tan on a flight to the stars. Ye Tan was a mortal who could not survive the bitter cold in the starry sky, but Xuan Shang ignored this fact in his rush. Xuan Shang drew sparks to help Ye Tan stay warm, but Ye Tan was scorched all over his body. Xuan Shang, who felt bad, had no choice but to pick some stars and give them to Ye Tan to soothe her. A disaster star can also be a lucky star if he has a pure heart, he added, and astrology is irrelevant. Ye Tan’s most tender spot in the heart was unintentionally affected by Xuan Shang’s comments. Ye Tan was moved to some degree when he held the star in his hand.

The early strange movement in Guixu caused apprehension and unease among the inhabitants of the four kingdoms. In successive letters, they begged the Emperor of Heaven to dispatch the God Xuan Shang to restore Guixu. Xuan Shang was exercising in the Xuan Realm at this very moment. He was eager to break through the ten-layer golden body barrier and practiced hard every day in order to totally seal the return to the ruins. However, in the Xuan Realm, a ball of desire that was influenced by the unusual movement in Gui Xu and converted into black energy was striving to fill Xuan Shang’s consciousness. Xuan Shang was unaware of the weird movement in Gui Xu outside. At this point, Ye Tan showed up and Xuan Shang and he engaged the dark energy. Ye Tan convinced Xuan Shang to let go of the black energy, and he suddenly became a ten-layer golden body. Xuan Shang was given the order to rebuild the ruins after emerging from seclusion. King Shen Yuan Li sent a summons to Chaofeng. It turned out that King Li intended to return to the ruins, take advantage of Xuan Shang’s restorations, and invade the heaven and destroy the gods.

Ye Tan was heartbroken at the prospect of never seeing Xuan Shang again. Di Lanjue was able to read Ye Tan’s mind and offered her a wing suit while requesting that she see Xuan Shang one last time in the world. Ye Tan ran forward and sobbed as he saw Xuan Shang getting ready to leap into Gui Xu, hoping that Xuan Shang would stay. Ye Tan’s weeping eyes were the last thing Xuan Shang saw before leaping into Gui Xu. Xuan Shang toiled in the Gui Ruins to fix the seal. There were perils outside the Gui Ruins. As intended, Shen Yuan split his army into two divisions. While King Li personally led his army to Guixu to battle the Emperor of Heaven, the three princes invaded Nantianmen. Qing Heng was given the job of Tianbing coach by Xuan Shang, who had always had great expectations for him. As expected by Xuan Shang, Qing Heng was greatly moved and successfully repelled the men of Shen Yuan.

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