Chunhcheang Kuk Ronang Machureach Chinese Drama 19

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Jiu Ge was crossing the street when she recalled that Lin Aodong, her father, had chosen not to wed in order to raise her. Suddenly, regret flooded her heart. She wanted to say “I’m sorry” to her father, so she turned around and sprinted back home. Jiuge and his father, however, were split apart on this stormy night as a gunshot from the Lin household suddenly rang out. Jiuge was knocked out cold when she saw her father lying on the ground in the study with blood all around him. When Lin Jiuge once again came to, his father Lin Aodong was lying next to him and Long Tianyu was carrying a pistol in his hand while aiming a gun at him. Jiuge questioned Long Tianyu who had murdered her father, but Long Tianyu restrained her with a set of handcuffs.

The day of the trial saw the introduction of a fresh witness. Standing in the witness box, Xiao Linfeng declared that the footprints discovered beneath Lin Aodong’s flowerpot belonged to him. He said that Xiao Linfeng went to the Lins’ residence to steal an hour prior to the crime taking place on the night of Lin Aodong’s death. Leng Nianzhi was called to come in court to give a testimony since she had visited the Lin household on the day of the event and overheard the father and daughter fighting. The prosecutor also quickly filed Lin Jiuge’s adoption certificate. Lin Jiuge’s life experience’s enigma was eventually made public. It turns out that Lin Aodong personally apprehended a criminal many years ago. The culprit afterwards killed himself out of desperation because he could no longer handle the suffering in jail. Jiuge was taken in by Lin Aodong after his death. The case was subsequently determined to be a miscarriage of justice, which is the most ironic aspect of it all. For the last time, the court probed Jiuge about his admission of guilt. Jiuge addressed the group with one more plea. Jiuge was ultimately found guilty of deliberate homicide by the judge, and he was given the death penalty with a one-month execution date.

Jiu Ge was repeatedly hurt by Qing Diao and his allies. Nianzhi noticed Jiu Ge’s scars and informed the warden, who thereafter punished Qing Diao and the others. Nianzhi’s altruistic intentions, meanwhile, conflict with the strategy for surviving in jail. All inmates’ foes will be informers. Qing Diao was dragged beneath the faucet and poured cold water as Jiu Ge worked in the laundry room. Sister Feng halted Qing Diao at this point and cautioned her from killing anybody. Sister Feng was thanked by Jiu Ge. No one was responsible for a prisoner’s death, according to Sister Feng. She was concerned that Qing Diao would interfere with her jail release. She never considered assisting Jiu Ge. And Jiu Ge eventually discovered the true cause of Qing Diao’s persistent animosity toward her. As it turned out, Qing Diao was apprehended by Lin Aodong himself and given a twenty-year prison term. Qingdiao promised to pay back his father’s debt to his daughter as a result.

In front of Long Tianyu, Xiangxiang expressed sympathy for Jiuge, saying that if he were Jiuge, he would undoubtedly perish. Long Tianyu was woken by Xiangxiang’s comments, and she hurried to the women’s jail the next morning and asked to see Jiuge. The cell door had to be opened by the prison guard. When Long Tianyu’s prediction came true, the irate Jiuge slit his wrists and killed himself. Jiuge had just one breath left when he was taken to the hospital. Leng Nianzhi was alerted to the situation and hurried to the prison to save Jiuge from certain death. While in a coma, Jiu Ge clutched Long Tianyu’s hand and called “Dad.” On an emotional scale, Long Tianyu started to lean more toward Jiu Ge. He was convinced Jiu Ge was innocent. In the police academy, Long Tianyu and warden Tang Dezong were classmates. Tang Dezong was admonished by Long Tianyu to “take good care” of his prisoners. Tang Dezong pledged to improve the jail environment. Nevertheless, Tang Dezong was a little taken aback by this action because Long Tianyu had always been uninterested.

Long Tianyu produced a bullet and informed Jiu Ge that it had struck Lin Aodong in the heart. Jiu Ge was asked whether he wanted to know who had actually harmed and killed his father. Is she really ready to pass away in this manner? He recently looked into Jiuge’s biological father’s case papers and discovered that Jiuge’s father had likewise been wrongfully imprisoned and had committed suicide in custody. But at that moment, Lin Aodong could obtain the proof necessary to establish his innocence if he only waited another day. He was the one who gave up. He questioned Jiuge about his desire to repeat the same error. Jiuge gradually sparked his fighting spirit. Jiu Ge was informed by Long Tianyu that he would do his utmost to look into the situation and would visit the prison frequently to update her on his findings. Jiu Ge’s task was to make an effort to survive while she and him were both incarcerated.

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