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Et Thypol Me Krusar Series

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Synopsis Et Thypol Me Krusar Series

Et Thypol Me Krusar Series Liu Chuanyi and Tang Lan get married. The Liu family in Shanghai Public Settlement was seeking for employees in 1922. A throng of laborers pressed onto the Liu family’s property and pleaded with Butler Liang to hire them. The Liu family only wished to employ one individual. A lady pushed her way through the commotion and begged Butler Liang to hire her as a servant for the Liu family as he sternly urged everyone not to fight for them. Liu Chuanyi arrived in the yard and agreed to hire the lady before Butler Liang acceded to the woman’s request. an employee of the Liu household.
Tang Lan was the name of the woman that the Liu family welcomed. Tang Lan diligently performed her duties as the Liu family’s maid when she was hired.

Although the Liu family appears to be immensely wealthy on the outside, it is actually deeply in debt. Liu Chuanyi, the youthful master of the Liu family, enjoys gaming. The Cheng family will take back the bank since gambling has caused bad management of it.

The Cheng family is worried by Cheng Yueliang’s autism despite having ample financial means. Cheng Yifei, Cheng Yueliang’s father, brought his son to a hospital to be treated for his ailment. Cheng Yueliang abruptly contacted his mother while traveling. Cheng’s mother was pleasantly delighted to see that her son understood how to call her and assumed that Cheng Yueliang didn’t require medical attention. Contrary to his wife’s assertion, Cheng Yifei insisted on bringing his son to the hospital.
When the family reached their location, they exited the vehicle. After a shocking mishap, Cheng Yueliang came dangerously close to harm. Fortunately, Cheng Yueliang was saved by Tang Lan, who was walking along the street, and was unharmed in any manner.

Tang Lan had done much for Cheng Yifei, therefore Cheng Yifei came to the silver building to thank Tang Lan. Cheng Yifei was dissuaded by Tang Lan from taking the silver building back. Along with Tang Lan, the employees of the silver building followed her and implored Cheng Yifei. Even Liu Chuanyi, the owner of the silver building, joined the crowd in pleading with Cheng Yifei.

Everyone pleaded with Cheng Yifei to give up the silver structure, but he persisted. Liu Chuanyi immediately resolved to never gamble again after realizing that it was his gambling that had created all the difficulties. Cheng Yifei agreed to give Liu Chuanyi nine months after realizing that he was ready to make a shift. When the time comes, Cheng Yifei will return to seize control of the silver building if it doesn’t make any progress.

Liu Chuan was thankful to Tang Lan for helping him handle the issue of the silver building. Cheng Yifei may have insisted on taking back the silver building if Tang Lan had not intervened to convince him. Liu Chuan married Tang Lan after giving it some thought since Tang Lan was likewise quite attractive.

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