Komnum Busba-[25 END]

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Bussaba Reh Ruk (2007) Bussaba is a teacher at the “Baan Barng Pleng” music school. She lives with her best and close friend Chorthip, who knows every aspect of her life. Bussaba tells everybody that she has no relatives; her parents are all dead. She would get angry and develop hatred everytime she watches TV and sees a thirty-five year old model named Roangrong, who is the best and everlasting model. Actually, Roangrong is Bussaba’s birth mother. At night Bussaba changes into another person, a bold and sexy singer named Bussabamintra. She is somewhat of a mystery. No one knows of her background. She only appears in the night. She chooses to only talk to male customers that are married. Those men are victims. She lures them to love her, fall for her deeply, messes with their minds, so they’ll break it off with their wives, for their families to break apart. And then she leaves them to find another victim. Mintra is able to deceive so many men one after another, but her main target is Surint, a married man whom mistress is Roangrong, Bussaba’s mother. Mintra wants Surint to break it off with Roangrong. That is the happiness for Bussabamintra. Surint has a windower son, Sitha, whom’s daughter attends the music school where Bussaba teaches and his daughter is really fond of her. He also becomes affectionate towards the sweet and polite teacher. Sitha’s sister’s husband also falls for Mintra’s trap. Bussaba’s revenge has taken her deep into innocent lives of Surint’s family, having aim for the father, she got the son and son-in law after her. Sitha finds out about his father and brother-in-law meeting up with Mintra on occasions, so he meets her at a hotel and asked her to stop messing with them. Mintra doesn’t agree, but she doesn’t disagree either. One day after finishing teaching nong Da, Bussaba receives a call from the hospital that grandma Jiem’s condition has gotten worse. So she immediately goes to the hospital. Sitha comes to pick nong Da and finds out about it, so he follows her to the hospital and comforts her. Bussaba accidentally reveals about her torments, loss, her background, and about grandma Jiem to Sitha. Which makes him know of another corner of the life of Bussaba. Bussaba is starting to realize that she loves Sitha because of his generosity and thoughtfulness. Chorthip warns her that if she loves Sitha, she must change herself. Turn to be a good person, otherwise; Sitha will be disgusted with her. How far will Bussabamintra exceed her vengence? What will happen when Sitha finds out Bussaba and Bussabamintra are the same person in disguise?