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Kompul Nak Serb Ongket Teang 4 Korean Series

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Synopsis Kompul Nak Serb Ongket Teang 4 Korean Series

The P4—also known as Eun Dae Gu, Uh Soo Sun, Park Tae Il, and Ji Gook—are the newest members of the Gangnam Police Station’s violent crime section. These new hires joined the crime squad for a variety of inappropriate reasons, none of which show enthusiasm or excitement for their new positions. Seo Pan Suk, their unpredictable and irrational leader, is only interested in getting rid of the inept new recruits.

The Plot, in Brief: A young detective commits his life to bringing those responsible for his mother’s death to justice.
6/10 is the overall rating. Precisely The Ratio of Entertainment Offered.
Examining the Crime Board Now to Analyze This Drama
There are some quick, flimsy observations ahead… with minor spoilers.

Around episode 12, I lost interest in what had once seemed like a really good crime show, complete with intrigue, murder, light romance, mystery, action, and more. I can recall thinking, “I’m glad this is almost over,” only to learn it had been running for 20 episodes and wasn’t even close to being finished. I didn’t care who did it, and that was the problem. The show failed to engage me with that plot thread. It kept me interested in the storyline of a mother’s murder, the misunderstanding around the mother’s death, and the hunt for and eventual capture of the killer. However, the show made no effort to pique my curiosity in the larger conspiracy that led to the mother’s death. It didn’t even outline the specific crime that this mother was going to admit to witnessing. Therefore, I didn’t give a damn about what went on outside the mother bubble. At all. Outside of our small, mismatched team, I couldn’t care less if the entire police department was dishonest. I probably wouldn’t have cared if aliens had shown at the end. because about episode 12, the main plot threads in which I was invested came to an end.
So, as I mentioned, the first part of this concert was pretty enjoyable. Although it wasn’t particularly noteworthy, it was nevertheless enjoyable. Four new officers are conveniently upgraded to detectives without giving a clear explanation. They are all attractive young people. Due to their shared upbringing in the same town and chance encounters as teenagers, two of them genuinely know one another. Conveniently, both were also indirectly implicated in an unsolved homicide. The childhood tying of shoelaces prophesied that these two would fall in love. You can tell if a man has your heart for life when he kneels down to tie your shoes. These are K-world’s rules.

Anyhow, a mysterious chief investigator who may or may not be a murder conspirator oversees the hiring of four adorable young detectives. There is a substantial secret identity plot, as well as some haphazard dramatic backstories and additional, incredibly convenient character overlap. Some crimes have been solved. There are errors. One makes friends. Inane inane.

The male leader was meh. Although he did a terrific job and I admire him as an actor, his persona appeared disjointed. For instance, they have occasionally led us to assume that he is a skilled spy, a smart computer hacker, and has almost flawless memory recall. However, these incredible abilities were typically absent. Also… Laugh. It’s excessive! A super hero program should have that as its central theme if you’re going to have one. If you’re going to have a show about a young boy seeking revenge for his mother’s death, then let it be that program. When working on the script, don’t strive to add more layers to the story to make it more intriguing. No one should have more than one hat on. Stop covering this child’s head with hats! It was enough that he had a hidden identity and a dead mother to avenge.

The cop pranks on this show were likewise absurd. They began the show in this manner, after all, with excessive crime-fighting that led to reckless chase scenes, traffic infractions, and people being run over in the street as they pursued the culprits. And their offence was, prepare yourself, prepare yourself, holding up traffic. Was all that insane behavior necessary to impede traffic? Really? It was just two guys sitting on stools in the center of the street, which, I believe we can all agree, was a gang ritual but one that was remarkably nonviolent. With all the hoopla they made over that chase scenario, you’d think those criminals had just slain Kennedy. At first, there was a screwball humor element, but it inexplicably disappeared later. In a way, I wish they had continued the ridiculous cop antics. Although stupid, it was enjoyable.

Numerous plot flaws were also present. You would assume that since the police have housing, it is under government authority. However, the girls’ accommodation is mysteriously taken advantage of by a scam artist, leaving all the women homeless. What? They’re police, aren’t they? Why wasn’t this, er, looked into? Sigh. Whatever. I assume the objective was that it provided our cast a reason to spend time together at home, but come on!

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