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I’ve been done binge-watching Mouse for a week now. For me, the entire 20 episodes seemed like a rollercoaster journey filled with various emotions and excitement.

Especially when I’m binge-watching K-dramas, I’m easily enthused about them. I then sat silently, waiting for all of these feelings to subside. However, the excitement persisted.

I rewatched the conclusion today before writing this and reflected, “Well okay, I like it even more, how is that possible?” This television show is flawless. I had nothing unfavorable to say. Of course, there were a few moments that weren’t required, but other than that? Amazing cast, flawlessly crafted plot, and wonderfully matched music.

I should also add that I typically have no expectations for how a drama will conclude. Even if the drama was incredibly compelling, they are virtually always created so poorly that I want to give them a 2 out of 10. I reminded myself not to have any expectations for the climactic sequences while I watched Mouse. But I was stunned and unable to speak. I can’t think of a more satisfying way for the drama to end.

A week has passed since I saw some comments on Mouse, and here we are. I took the decision to write this after reading these remarks. Many of you complained that the drama lingered in the comments, which greatly disappointed me. How so? In my opinion, every scene in every episode had a purpose. The episodes had to be fast-forwarded, several of you claimed. So it should come as no surprise that you found it dull because you wouldn’t have been able to understand a thing.


Mouse is a dramatized mystery. You must therefore refrain from skipping ahead because there are constant hints and crucial sequences. A’stupid’ piece of glass might ultimately turn out to be highly significant. You were, however, fast-forwarding, so I suppose you wouldn’t have known that.

I’m saddened by reading all of these remarks. I feel let down by it. because you missed the opportunity to watch the most well-written thriller drama this year.

As I’m writing this, I also want to mention how incredible Mouse’s cast is. Lee Heejoon gave a wonderful performance as Ko Moochi, and I was pleasantly pleased by Kwon Hwawoon’s portrayal as Sung Yohan. I eagerly await his upcoming creation.

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