Krouskam Teptyda Ning Athireach Praschan China Serires 33

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The Moon Tribe’s Dongfang Qing Cang supposedly transformed into an emotionless monster in order to gain dreadful power. He murdered his father, took control of the Moon Tribe as Supreme, and commanded an army of 100,000 troops on a path of destruction. The mortal world of Yunmeng Lake, Cangyan Sea, and the immortal fairy realm of Shuiyuntian were all in severe peril.

The first Shuiyuntian God of War slain her primordial spirit in order to preserve the world and halt Dongfang Qing Cang and his army. The Haotian Matrix’s eternal links were used to enclose Dongfang Qing Cang’s body in Haotian Tower together with his army and primordial soul. However, if Dongfang Qing Cang managed to escape from his tower and regain his primal soul, the world would be in danger once more. According to legend, the Goddess of Xishan is the only one who can stop this disaster, but she fled without a trace.

The Haotian Matrix experienced a disruption 30,000 years after the first God of War offered his life. A frail and low-ranking flower fairy named Orchid unintentionally finds herself within Haotian Tower and in the presence of the Moon Supreme while attempting to aid the new God of War in fortifying the Matrix. When they cross paths, a series of things happen that could potentially shift the course of history once more.

Dongfang Qingcang pressed Xiao Lanhua about her preferences because she was eager. When he inquired as to whether or not she preferred Chang Heng, Xiao Lanhua felt both ashamed and irritated. She also believed Dongfang Qiang was excessively smitten with her, which was incorrect. Dongfang Qingcang believed that by being Chang Heng, he would cheer up Xiaolanhua, but she wasn’t expecting her to become even angrier. Qing Cang is now committed to allowing Xiao Lanhua to triumph in the immortal test. On the other hand, Market Master Hai has discovered that the life book was stolen by Xiao Lanhua. He gives Dieyi the command to smuggle the life book back into the fairy test. Chang Heng had only tiny orchids in her eyes when she arrived at the Fairy Examination location. She was unaware that what she mistakenly believed to be the final accidental encounter in the forest was actually Chang Heng waiting on purpose and that the fantasy fluorite was also a promise Chang Heng had previously made to her. Xiaolanhua was propelled into the examination chamber by a breeze that was changed into the blue sky from the east while facing the immortals. Danyin showed up while she was attracting the monster Yingzhao with mouthwatering food and wanted to forcibly remove Yingzhao. Danyin’s strike was repulsed by Dongfang Qingcang using Xiao Lanhua’s hand. She snuck in just as Xiao Lanhua was ready to capture Yingzhao. Chongqi was released by Dieyi in the exam room, and the formerly submissive Yingzhao started to become more animalistic and forceful. Little Orchid ran the entire distance while fending off attacks from Danyin and others. The mythical beast refused to be subdued by anyone’s demon-containing beads, so out of desperation, Xiao Lanhua sliced her wrist and used blood to entice the mythical beast away. Changheng was the first to enter the woodland since he was already anxious when Danyin left the exam room to get assistance.

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