Mohitirith Dav Tep Chusean II-[18 End]

The is the sequel to the Legend of Chusen. This will conclude what was started off in season 1. We will find out the fates of main leads; Zhang Xiao Fan, Bi Yao and Lu Xue Qi.
Native Title: 青云志Ⅱ
Also Known As: The Legend of Chusen 2 , Zhu Xian 2 , 诛仙·青云志 2 , Qing Yun Zhi 2 , Noble Aspirations 2 , Legend of Chusen 2 , 青云志 2 , Zhu xian qing yun zhi 2
Director: Chu Yui Bun, Zhou Yuan Zhou
Genres: Action, Historical, Wuxia, Drama, Martial Arts, Fantasy, Supernatural

During the battle between Qing Yun sect and the Ghost King faction, Bi Yao (Zhao Li Ying) saves Zhang Xiaofan (Li Yi Feng) from the Zhu Xian sword. A fragment of her soul was locked inside her Jin Ling bell, and Bi Yao falls into a deep sleep. Feeling deeply pained from Bi Yao’s incident, Zhang Xiaofan decides to leave Qing Yun sect and join the Ghost King faction, becoming the assistant of the Ghost King. Zhang Xiaofan spends ten years trying to revive Bi Yao, but his efforts are futile. Meanwhile, the Ghost King (Fu Cheng Peng) decides to revive the Beast God. Making use of Zhang Xiaofan’s guilt and love toward Bi Yao, the Ghost King sends Zhang Xiaofan to various places to find the spirit beasts needed to revive the Beast God.

To stop the Ghost King from achieving his goals, Qing Yun sect also sends out their disciples to stop the Ghost King sect. Zhang Xiaofan meets his former good friends Lin Jingyu (Cheng Yi), Zeng Shushu (Qin Jun Jie) and Lu Xueqi (Yang Zi); and together they brave through difficult times. Forced to make difficult choices along his journey, Zhang Xiaofan eventually realizes the true meaning of good and evil, as well as life. He follows his heart and chose the right path and protect the world.