Nak Chanbag Chorchork Chinese Series 24

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Nak Chanbag Chorchork Chinese Series The wolf child was about to be killed by Xia Houyi when he discovered the city lord’s palace. Everyone in Ma Mansion learned of Xia Houyi’s murder and flocked to see the wolf child who had escaped after hearing the news. Wang Xiang, the housekeeper, hurriedly stated the truth because he believed a wolf monster was coming down the mountain to get revenge. Ma Ying expressed skepticism about this and demanded that the matter be solved and the true offender found before Chu Kui arrived. Zhai Xing immediately informed his father that he had orchestrated the wolf monster event when he discovered that the army was heading up the mountain to catch it when he got home. Zhaixing was imprisoned in the room by a furious Ma Ying.

To capture the wolf pup, Ma Jiajun ascended the mountain. A tree was used to hang the wolf cub after it walked on the trap. The wolves gathered after seeing it and surrounded Ma Jiajun. The wolf boy gave the order for the wolves to flee out of fear. Wolf cub was apprehended. Zhaixing’s nightmare caused him to awaken. The wolf boy was mercilessly slaughtered by Chu Kui, according to the maid Xiaofeng. Zhaixing was prepared to brutally drive the wolf boy away since she regretted creating the myth of the wolf monster. The wolf boy was brought back to the city by Ma Jiajun.

The wolf child was so ecstatic when he saw Star Reaching on the street that he escaped from the cage. When Wolf Boy discovered Zhai Xing on the mountain, Zhai Xing reprimanded Wolf Boy severely and expressed guilt about having been friends with him. The wolf child pleaded with Zhaixing while holding out his wolf fangs, but Zhaixing ignored him and threatened to kill the wolves. Zhaixing sobbed a lot as the wolf boy dejectedly went. As soon as the wolf child went, the army of the Ma family arrived, and they searched the mountain with all their might for him. Ma Ying made the decision to climb the mountain herself the following day after Ma Jiajun’s unsuccessful return. Ma Jun offered to climb the mountain and take part in the arrest operation in order to let off some steam. When Zhai Xing got home, he somberly hung up the bell. The wolf fang Zhaixing had tossed away was discovered by the wolf boy that evening in the swimming pool.

The maid Xiaofeng frequently felt queasy. Zhai Xing discovered after inquiry that the herb Lihu was regularly used in the kitchen. He looked in Xia Houyi’s chamber after being inspired by Zhai Xing and discovered an oddity in the nutritious soup. In front of the mansion, Chu Kui was greeted by Ma Ying. Chu Kui was extremely angry with the wolf kid who broke into the mansion and murdered people as he stared at Xia Houyi’s body. Ma Ying spoke up right away, but Chu Kui wasn’t convinced and wanted to climb the mountain to confirm it for himself. Zhaixing halted Chu Kui and informed him of his findings. Lihu and Xuntang were taken by Xia Houyi on the day of the murder. He was powerless against the two medications’ opposing effects. He died by being strangled and laid the blame on the wolf cub. Wang Xiang took the initiative to enter a guilty plea after realizing what he had done had been revealed. When Chu Kui learned the cause, he became upset with Ma Ying and yelled at her to clean up the family. Following his father’s directions, Zhaixing hastened up the mountain to save the wolf boy after Chu Kui had left.

Ma Ying last encountered Wang Xiang in the dungeon. In exchange for saving Princess Pingqian and her child, Wang Xiang wished for him to complete the task on his own.

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