Nak Khlahan Samnak Mek Chinese Series 04

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After learning of Qilin’s release, Zi Ji instructed Xie Yunshi to set up Li Xuan’s capture of Qilin as a test for him. Li Xuan grudgingly agreed to take on this assignment and teamed up to capture the legendary unicorn with Bian Lingcheng, Feng Changqing, Su Youlian, Cui Yanran, Xiao Fengming, Yunshan, and others. Su Youlian, who was posing as a guy, arrived at Baihua Tower with Li Xuan and Feng Changqing to look for Qilin-related hints. They unexpectedly came to another dead woman. Su Youlian was tenderly shielded by Li Xuan, who also unintentionally showed that he believed Su Youlian was incredibly attractive. The two’s relationship progressed in this direction.

Yunshan was grateful to Xiao Fengming for saving him after the combat and came to bring him soup. However, Xiao Fengming failed to grasp the girl’s perspective, infuriating Yunshan, who then fled. When Yunshan entered the room after leaving it, she discovered her brother Yu Fengmu waiting for her. The two then struck up a conversation. Yu Fengmu became aware of what Xiao Fengming meant to her sister. Even though Old Man Ziji was practicing in seclusion, he was somewhat happy to learn that Qilin had been apprehended. However, he was still concerned about anything weird occurring, so he commanded a thorough investigation of Kunwu. Yu Fengmu joined in as the students began a new day of instruction. Yunshan urged his brother to assist him in passing the note while he was contemplating Xiao Fengming. When Li Xuan noticed it, he purposefully caused disturbance and engaged in covert rivalry with Yufeng Mu, upsetting the class once more.

Su Youlian, who was en route to review, learned that the test questions were in Chief Xuan Ming’s chamber and went there covertly to look at them. He met Li Xuan by chance, and the two of them collaborated to examine the examination questions. They were only made aware that the test questions had been altered during the exam. Everyone eventually passed the test after helping one another cheat. But after leaving, Li Xuan aided Su Youlian covertly. Li Xuan became envious once more when Su Youlian believed that Yu Fengmu had assisted her in passing the exam and asked him to supper. Li Xuan was alone on the roof at night, playing Xun music while picturing Su Youlian. Su Youlian, who was there in the room, was thinking about Li Xuan on the opposite side.

Su Youlian’s song astounded everyone, and the king was overjoyed. Su Youlian seized the chance to ask the emperor for the token. Li Xuan used ecstasy to lead Su Youlian and claim that she desired the golden hairpin because he had doubts about her identity and feared that she would be discovered. Navigate through. Because of this, Su Youlian stopped Li Xuan’s exit from the palace and engaged in a ferocious duel with him. He was so furious that he almost killed Li Xuan before he stormed out. On the other side of the room, Long Wei’er and Zheng Baibai were talking about the issues at today’s banquet. Su Youlian’s identification as a member of the Kunwu tribe was kept a secret on purpose by Long Wei’er because he planned to use it later. She also sent an invitation to Yufeng Mu to attend and assist. A plot is developing.

Su Youlian was assisted by Yufeng Mu in evicting the Kunwu populace from the city. As they pretended to leave the city, other individuals boarded the carriage. They chance to run into Li Xuan and other students who were manning the city’s gate. On the carriage, they observed Yufengmu and Su Youlian. Cui Pianran purposefully halted the train to look because he couldn’t help but feel envious. Siji Yujian attempted to stop him at this time, but Li Xuan stopped him. Su Youlian dropped his head to block Cui Pianran from searching Yu Fengmu’s carriage and pleaded with Li Xuan. He continued to look, driven by envy, but even after the Kunwu tribe was found, Li Xuan still allowed them to leave. The youthful Marquis Yu Min extended an invitation to Yunshan on the other side. The young Marquis was actually a lecher when Yunshan went to visit him.

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