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Nisaiy Sne Chong Cheor Chinese Series

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Synopsis Nisaiy Sne Chong Cheor Chinese Series

The demon clan fled into the mortal realm after the demon ruler Ni Lun was destroyed, leaving them in ruins. Although Chong Zi is good and innocent, she harbors a powerful evil breath. She is determined to cultivate in Nanhua after being spared by the immortal Chu Bu Fu but is turned away because it has been predicted that she will evolve into a monster.

To everyone’s surprise, the elderly Luo Yin Fan now accepts Chong Zi as his sole apprentice. Chong Zi is totally dependent on Luo Yin Fan and would give anything to be by his side. Luo Yin Fan makes a commitment to defend her in return. Because Luo Yin Fan is powerless to intervene when a plot imprisons Chong Zi, she is killed for the good of peace.


The second time around, Chong Zi returns to Nanhua. She is instantly recognized by Luo Yin Fan. He continues their relationship as master and disciple by sealing the wicked miasma inside of her and keeping her near. The wheel of fate cannot be stopped, though. Once more, Chong Zi is the target of a barrage of arrows. She embraces her evil nature in a fit of wrath and crosses the line.

The star-crossed lovers are the victims of a cruel prank perpetrated by fate; one is the venerable master who bears the weight of the world on his shoulders, while the other has the demon clan’s blood coursing through her veins. They helplessly fell in love with one another and then turned on one another, but they are still unable to get rid of their feelings. Can their love overturn heavenly and terrestrial laws? 

The demon ruler was reversely destroyed in the tragedy of the three realms, and the nine wicked spirits scattered and escaped into the human realm. A tiny beggar named Xiao Chongzi was hanged in the air for questioning after consuming a steamed bun fourteen years later. Even the gods couldn’t save her now, the person who was punishing her warned her as she screamed for assistance. In the market at this precise moment was Yun Junzi Chu Fufu and Luo Yinfan, the Chonghua Venerable of Nanhua Mountain. Luo Yinfan couldn’t stand it when he saw the little beggar being so humiliated, so he came to save him. The tiny bug experienced an intense sense of proximity to Luo Yinfan when he saw her dressed in white. She used her filthy small hands to hold Luo Yinfan’s sleeve. Luo Yinfan cast a spell to aid the tiny insect after giving her a compassionate gaze. He washed her tiny hands before whispering, “Get some sleep,” to her. Then the small beetle dozed off with a flick of his long sleeves. When the tiny insect awoke, she saw that she had been dozing off next to a pillar. She hurriedly got to her feet and searched the area for the fairy in white, but she was nowhere to be found. On the other side, she was content because she still had a food in her arms. The fairy in white must have left this specifically for her. When Little Chongzi refused to consume the goodies, a band of thugs attacked him in the street. The young Chongzi was so terrified that a black energy burst from her body, shocking the thugs who had been abusing her. Chu Bufu, who had seen everything from a distance, had come over to assist Xiao Chong and had persuaded her that while she should not harbor evil intentions, it was appropriate to dare to resist. Xiao Chong joyfully referred to him as the fairy brother because she initially believed it to be the fairy in white. Little Chongzi realized that this fairy brother was not the white-clad fairy after closer inspection. Little Chongzi was forewarned by Chu Bufu that he needed to grow stronger if he didn’t want to be bullied.


Little Chongzi claimed that he wished to become a god in order to prevent bullying oneself by others. Chu Fufu advised her that before she could become a god, she had to develop her moral character, abstain from evil ideas, perform good activities, and foster favorable outcomes. On the palm of Xiao Chongzi’s hand, he drew a talisman, promising that no one would ever again attempt to mistreat her. The next mountain, Nanhua Mountain, is currently taking on apprentices, Chu Fufu also informed her. If Little Chongzi is lucky, she might find an immortal who will take her as a disciple. Hearing this made the small insect very pleased, and she made the decision to travel to Nanhua Mountain to pursue Taoism and eventually become eternal. Chu Bufu made a U-turn and vanished. Little Chongzi discovered that he was holding yet another pastry. Little Chongzi shared the pastries with his close friends Xiaodouzi and There is a beggar on the street even though he was hungry, in accordance with the fairy brother’s teachings. Little Chongzi is adamant on visiting Nanhua Mountain in order to find enlightenment. Little Chongzi will be successful there because his good friend Xiaodouzi spends all of his change to buy him a slice of Victory Cake.

After saying goodbye to Xiaodouzi, Xiaochongzi left on foot by himself. After enduring numerous hardships, she eventually made it to the base of Nanhua Mountain and slept outside. Many mortals who wish to travel to Nanhua Mountain and nurture immortality like her have already congregated here. Everyone chuckled when they saw the tiny bug and said, “Can a beggar now become an immortal?” Another disciple was going to be Qin Ke, a member of an aristocratic family. When his mother arrived to say goodbye, she gave him a letter that his father had written to Lord Tianji. My heart is not as clean as my own. The little bug was quite contemptuous of this kind of backdoor practice, thinking that it appeared glamorous on the surface. The ninth princess of Emperor Sima also came to practice immortality. She was well acquainted with Prince Qin, but she despised the small bug that trailed after. Many exam questions were created by the Reverend Master to evaluate those who had come looking for immortality. Many others failed the test and were sent away. Along the way, Xiao Chongzi and Qin Ke assisted one another. Xiao Chongzi made sure to think of others. At a crucial point in the final step, they came upon a large tiger and a large lion. The tiny insect was not frightened to utilize his divine power to save everyone when he realized that these beasts were ready to harm them all. The eunuch of Nanhua, Min Yunzhong, who observed everything from a distance, however, observed that small bugs are born with evil spirits and are not ideal for producing immortals. All of the participants arrived in the main hall after the various detours. The Venerables Tianji and Tujiao arrived to select their apprentices. Only the Venerable Chonghua, Luo Yinfan, delayed coming because he wouldn’t select his apprentice.

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