Nisaiy Sne Pon Chnam Khmer Dub 13

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An eternal deity named Fu Jiu Yun falls in love with a mortal woman he has been yearning to be with. He finds himself pursuing her through a thousand years and ten various mortal incarnations, but to no result. He is quite powerful, but unable to win her love.

Then she is reborn as a princess, promising a change in the course of events. And indeed they will be because a prince with malicious intentions and several demons from a nearby realm come up with a cunning plan to kill the princess. The plan is successful in destroying her family and her kingdom in the process. She deftly flees from her enemies by assuming the appearance of her maid Ah Man.

She asks Fu Jiu Yun for assistance because she is determined to seek revenge on those who have wronged her, and the two end up falling in love. However, fate foretells that their love affair may be brief, compelling them to make difficult choices that will have a lasting effect on both their lives and the lives of the princess’ followers.

An influential Li Kingdom minister named Zuo Xiang once covertly spoke with the rival Tianyuan Kingdom, which led to the demise of the Li Kingdom. Qin Chuan, the princess, was saved by Fu Jiuyun. Qin Chuan resolved to find the ancient spirit lamp after seeing the misery of people all around the world who were being forced into servitude by the Tianyuan Kingdom. When Qin Chuan and Fu Jiuyun first met, they immediately fell in love. They then collaborated to uncover the spiritual lamp, but they soon discovered that Fu Jiuyun was actually the wick of the lamp. Fu Jiuyun would go as soon as the spiritual lamp was lit, and all who did so would also pass away. Cousin Qin Chuan turned on the spiritual lamp for her at the crucial moment, and Fu Jiuyun vanished as soon as the two of them decided to make a sacrifice to save the people from the fire and flood. Missing Fu Jiuyun, Qin Chuan once more touched the spiritual lamp. They gave up their individual sense of love for their family, their nation, and themselves. They eventually reunited after being moved to God.

Episode 1
Her master chastised Princess Yanyan of the Li Kingdom for not being diligent about studying fairy skills. No dancer could accomplish the exquisiteness of Qi’s Dongfeng Peach Blossom Song, the sage teacher in the painting, hence it was never finished. Yanyan had heard about it and wanted to perform it herself. The emperor was perplexed and made the decision to come and inquire when Zuo Xiangguo was about to step down due to illness. Yanyan obtained the music notation and sought guidance from Zuo Zichen, Zuo Xiangguo’s son. During Yanyan’s Peach Blossom Song performance on the Queen’s birthday, everyone cheered while Young Master Qi scowled. It turned out that young master Qi was a fairy king in the land of fairies, and his name was Fu Jiuyun. His master gave him the wise advice to stay out of other people’s business before delivering the picture to Yanyan on his behalf.

Episode 2

The demon warriors were guided into the city by the left prime minister through a covert communication with Tianyuan. Yan Yan was caught up in the chase but was thankfully saved by the young master Qi. Yu Yuan led his men inside the city when Zuo Xiang gave the command to open the gate. The second prince was killed after taking part in a terrible fight. The emperor and his wife were in anguish as they watched this scene. When Zuo Zichen rushed over, it was already too late. Yanyan raised her sword and swung it away immediately as she remembered how her parents had died as a result of Zuo Xiang. Blood gushed out from between Zuo Zichen’s fingers as he covered his face with his hands. Yanyan and Aman were taken away on a crane by the emperor’s master while this opportunity was present. In a panic, the three masters and apprentices ran away. The demon warriors’ blade claimed the life of Aman’s devoted guardian. Yanyan assumed Aman’s appearance at the request of the emperor’s master and arrived at Katori Mountain as Qin Chuan.

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