Preashrus Chikong 30

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Preashrus Chikong According to legend, Jigong was the Arhat who entered the earth. One day a monster arrived out of nowhere in a tiny village. When the enormous creature surfaced from the water, a deluge resulted, flooding the entire town. Everyone was left hanging in the air as innocent people ran in all directions and were swept away by the deluge. Jigong makes an appearance just in time to deliver the monster. Jigong joined the Lingyin Temple as a monk after defeating the monster. Jigong, in contrast to other monks, enjoyed drinking and having fun, and he frequently assisted others in exterminating demons and monsters. Ghost-faced Guanyin commanded a band of little devils to hurt commoners. Jigong reported his dharma title to Ghost-faced Guanyin. He grinned while battling Ghost-faced Guanyin. The ghost-faced Guanyin was helpless and lost. Ghost-faced Guanyin was compelled to obey the law by Jigong’s laughter, but she refused to do so. He called all the small creatures to Jigong to besiege him since he was filled with wickedness. Jigong toyed with the small monsters on purpose and lost the fight on purpose so that he could deal with the little creatures. Jigong cast a magic in an instant, transformed into a giant, and stomped on the small creatures in a sneering manner before they had a chance to suck Jigong’s blood.

In front of Jigong, who transformed into a giant, all the little demons appeared to be ants. Jigong slew several little demons with one swift step. The Ghost-faced Guanyin was enraged when he saw Jigong’s magical prowess and utilized all of his powers to battle Jigong. Jigong possesses enormous magical might, and after being vanquished, the ghost-faced Guanyin performs a spell to flee. Ghost Faced Guanyin escaped to a mountaintop while being surrounded by numerous small devils. The last battle with Jigong had left The Ghost Faced Guanyin with significant injuries. Ghost Faced Guanyin made the decision to seek out a female of Yuanyin to consume in order to replenish its vigor and continue battling Jigong. She may replenish her mana in this method. Guanyin used the Zhang family as a hunting field. Guanyin abducted the mother of Zhang Wanrou’s daughter. Jigong pursued Guanyin relentlessly but was unable to catch her. The following morning, Zhang Wanrou awoke to discover herself in bed. When Zhang Wanrou approached her, she instructed her to take excellent care of her wounds. Zhang Wanrou instantly reminded her father to send personnel to search her mother after recalling that her mother had been abducted by the Ghost-Faced Guanyin. When Zhang’s father learnt that a monster had taken Zhang’s mother, he dispatched a number of servants to search the house’s blood for the creature. After leaving Zhang’s home, the gang entered the street and followed the blood to Lingyin Temple. Guang Liang, the overseer of the Yin Temple, swiftly intervened with a few monks to stop Zhang’s father from breaking into the temple with a few slaves. Guang Liang was urged to capture the demon in the temple by Zhang’s father as he pointed to the blood on the ground. Due to his natural timidity, Guang Liang refrained from taking the initiative. I walked to a chamber and invited Jigong to come out to hunt monsters after giving it some thought. Jigong examined the blood left in the shrine and discovered that it was not actual human blood but rather a mixture of food. Guang Liang made a monk lick the blood off the ground because he did not accept Jigong’s claims. The monk was shocked to discover that the blood was not human after licking it. Jigong grinned and announced the combat with the ghost-faced voice after witnessing the monk demonstrate that the blood was not that of a human. Jigong had previously followed the voice with the ghostly face. Because Mian Guanyin’s magic is weaker than Jigong’s, he consistently manages to flee whenever they engage in combat. Jigong engaged the ghost-faced monster in battle for at least hundreds of rounds in total.

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