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Sdach Sva 2023 Chinese Series

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Synopsis Sdach Sva 2023 Chinese Series

When the skies broke apart, Panshi (played by Lin Feng) accidentally became into a monster and grew close to Canary (played by Jiang Yiyi). Since their creation, their status as monsters has led to a great deal of hostility and discrimination. He has nothing to gain but hopes to become a hero. He endures a great deal before becoming a disciple of Patriarch Yaoguangdong Jiekong. Fortunately, his naïve fellow disciple Feng Ling (played by Cheng Yanqiu) takes care of him.
Panshi put in long hours of practice every day and night, and it was during this time that he and the reclusive Yang Lan (played by Jiang Mengjie) grew close and worked together to build Qilai Mountain. The demon realm rose up in opposition as the heavenly army under Marshal Beichen (played by Wu Kequn) in heaven slew every demon. After the invasion of Hongmeng’s inner demons, the Wuji Shengzun (played by Yue Yueli) in fact secretly controlled all of this.
After leading the demon world and heaven in a violent conflict, Panshi rose to fame for defending the helpless monsters. Wuji Shengzun was about to succeed in his goal of generating havoc in the three kingdoms at this point. When the situation arose, Panshi hurried to the Tiandao Stone without hesitation in an effort to restore the way of heaven, defend the populace, and put an end to Wuji Shengzun’s plot.

Because of her thoughts on Fan, Yang Yan’s mother, Ling Ji, was imprisoned by the Emperor of Heaven at the base of Mount Yao for hundreds of years before she passed away from depression. Yang Yan assembled his troops and vowed to invade Heaven in order to get revenge on his mother. Wuji Shengzun pushed Yang Yan to flee after warning him that his sister Yang Lan’s life was in danger. The Three Realms were invaded by Hongmeng’s inner monster, leaving Saint Wuji with severe wounds. The Holy Lord altered heaven before vanishing, which significantly hampered the cultivation of the inner devil. Three hundred years in the future, the variable was fastened to a stone in Qilai Mountain and transformed into Panshi, a demon. She wasn’t the only one who was impacted by the spiritual energy; the canary next to her changed into a human form. When Panshi was hungry and freezing in the wilderness, he unintentionally ate some toxic mushrooms. Canary risked his life to fearlessly enter the snake cave in search of Panshi’s cure.

Yang Yan sent his wife Yao Cunxin back to Baihai Yao Palace while pretending to divorce her in order to preserve the lives of his family. In order to take part in the exclusive meeting, the Emperor of Heaven asked Beichen to remain in the Heavenly Court, while Tianren, one of his subordinates, led his troops in the suppression of demons in the mortal world. Beichen has frequently been praised by all the immortals present at the elite summit for its military prowess. At Qilai Mountain, the demon-suppressing soldiers of the Tianhe Army came. Panshi struggled violently as the monkeys were being murdered. As the Tianhe troops closed in furiously, Que’er and Panshi fled. Pan Shi’s last golden elixir escapes from her body as Tian Ren pursues her and Que’er self-destructs in order to shield Pan Shi. In the midst of Pan Shi’s agonizing roar, Que’er is on the edge of passing away. To the Wuji Palace were delivered all of the stolen golden potions. The Heart Demon Saint believed that the variables had been accounted for when he discovered Pan Shi’s golden elixirs.

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