Sne Knong Pleung Kom Nom-[EP 15 END]

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Ruk Nai Roy Kaen (2002) Patyot and Ohngaong’s parents were best friend and then Ohngaong’s father betrayed Patyot’s father and they became sworn enemies. Although they hated each other no one stepped into the other’s territory because both were of equal power. Patyot and Ohngaong meet at an art gallery and their families don’t know they like each other. One day they go to a party and they are finally going to introduce their parents to the person they are “dating” and the truth is revealed. Later, the guy who was supposed to marry Ohngaong kills Patyot’s cousin and Ohngaong’s brother, but Patyot is the one accused of the murder. When the truth is finally revealed it might be too late.