Somnom Reourng Krong Lor Yang Chinese Series 24

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Gao Bingzhu and Siyue observed Tengu and others seeking to shift the copper mines away from the Yihe River and subcontracting them. Following that, Tengu and other people desired to murder the Rikifu. Gao Bingzhu had intended to follow Tengu and others in search of clues, but Siyue intervened to spare Lifu’s lives. After a brief moment of entrapment, Gao Bingzhu made the decision to turn around and saved Siyue and Lifu from the sea of fire. Currently, Xia Guan Shangshu After getting a call from Lianfang, Song Liang arrived. In order to protect Gao Bingzhu from Song Liang’s imprisonment, Siyue used the Lotus Peony Order. Huang An, the director of the winter department, was not listed on the wedding guest list, so Baili Hongyi made the decision to pay Huang An a personal visit. He discovered that Huang An had passed away when he got to his house. Huang An was killed, not in a fire, as Baili Hongyi revealed. He examined Huang An’s artifacts and unanticipatedly discovered that Huang An’s partial house, Zhai, had recently been expelled from the residence as a result of a minor incident. He searched for Mr. Zhai after realizing that anything was concealed in it. Wu Youjue heard Siyue apologize to him for her careless actions, and he labeled the incident as the result of Bailiyan’s corruption. Chunqiu Dao was involved in Bailiyan’s case, Siyue said. The wooden talisman utilized in the illegal water transportation trade was obtained by Gao Bingzhu from Tengu. He discovered that the talisman was connected to the Weeping Willow Bank, which was mostly owned by the Liu family. Baili Hongyi entered the brothel at the same moment to find out where Zhai was.


After learning that Zhai was with Chuiliu Hang’s shopkeeper Zhang Silang, Baili Hongyi and Gao Bingzhu each separately located Zhang Silang’s home. Zhang and Zhai had tragically perished. The “Book of Sage Stories” was discovered by Gao Bingzhu in Zhai. According to this, Xunshan Gong Liu Guo was plotting to wed the Baili family to the Liu family in order to gain control of the Mo copper mine. Baili Hongyi was aware of this. Since Lian Fang was unaware that the copper materials had already been given to the subcontractors, Master Chu instructed Han Dongqing, Lian Fang’s deacon, to track out the traitor as soon as possible. Siyue questioned Gao Bingzhu about what transpired five years ago as they stood in front of Xiaowu’s and other people’s graves. She concluded that Gao Bingzhu and his brothers protected King Luling from being killed outside the city. Gao Zizhu, however, remained silent about the situation. carry. In front of the tombs of Xiaowu and others, Siyue pledged that she would give them an answer no matter what occurred that year. With Siyue by his side, an intoxicated Gao Chongzhu remembered the past, sobbed loudly, and broke down.


To go back and test Liu Xiang, Baili Hongyi fabricated a reason to accompany Liu Ran. After being shown the “Book of Sage Personnel” by Gao Bingzhu, Siyue suggested working together. Gao Bingzhu hoped that Siyue could provide him a thorough map of the Xunshan Palace so that he could sneak into the palace and look for proof of Liu Xiang’s Tanmo copper mine. Gao Bingzhu discovered that Lianfang had revealed his intelligence to Siyue when Siyue delivered him the Xunshan Palace construction plans. In the Xunshan Palace, Baili Hongyi observed a room that was closely guarded. At this point, Liu Xiang showed in and mentioned that Baili Hongyi had other plans this time for going home. Baili Hongyi, Siyue, and Gao Bingzhu all set out to look for signs of the Liuxiang Tanmo Copper Mine. The three agreed to work together and made the decision to visit the Xunshan Government Office in order to locate the financial records pertaining to Chuiliuxing’s transfer of the Yanshan Copper Mine. Liu Xiang made the decision to spare Baili Hongyi’s life for Liu Ran since he was aware that Baili Hongyi had been linked to him. Princess Changle’s birthday was celebrated, so Liu Xiang traveled to the East Palace for a dinner. Throughout the banquet, Siyue and Baili Hongyi made an effort to restrict Liu Xiang.


Gao Bingzhu seized the chance to break into the Xunshan Government’s accounting office and was successful in obtaining the account book. However, the cipher writing scribbled on the account book was only understandable by Liu Xiang’s followers. Siyue proposed asking Lianfang for assistance in order to decipher the account book before Liu Xiang discovered a defense. Ruo’an, a follower of Chunqiu Taoism, was told of the ledger theft by Yuan Fei. Han Dongqing met Siyue and other people in the Fashan Temple. He had the account book and intended to return to Lianfang to break it, but Izayoi assassinated him before he could do so. The ledger book vanished. Han Dongqing gave a wooden sign with the words “Cui Ji” on it before he passed away. Let Gao Bingzhu handle it. According to Young Master Chu, Han Dongqing suffered some sort of injury as a result of the lotus lamp being extinguished. Through Han Dongqing’s contact code, Gao Bingzhu met Gongzi Chu and disclosed his true identity as King Dongchuan. In addition, he claimed that Lianfang’s traitor had infiltrated too far and that he was prepared to work with Lianfang to locate the copper mines, locate Chunqiu Road, and discover the Traitor. There were no new transactions in the copper mines or on the black market in the city of God, according to Gongzi Chu, but there was an unusual pattern in the movement of charcoal. Along with the charcoal’s hints, Gao Bingzhu and Baili Hongyi resumed their investigation. As a result of Duke Xunshan hurting Lord Yuehua, the inner guard attacked Lord Yuehua, took Duke Xunshan’s belongings, and demanded that Feng Yulang enter a guilty plea.



Bailang learned that Princess Changle’s mansion had just bought a big quantity of charcoal. Princess Changle informed Baili Hongyi that Liu Xiang had recently acquired her Linchuan land. The sage chided the young master Chu Lianfang in secret for his incapacity to make things right, and the sage Chu vowed to track down the traitor as soon as possible. Linchuan Bieye was discovered by Gao Bingzhu and Baili Hongyi to be unsuitable for the smelting of copper. The two sneakily followed a man who had the appearance of a factory. Simultaneously, Siyue inquired of Liu Ran regarding Liu Xiang and Baili Yan and learned that Baili Hongyi had vanished. The craftsmen surrounded Gao Bingzhu and Baili Hongyi after they discovered the underground copper smelting facility. Baili Hongyi and Gao Bingzhu got away. Gao Bingzhu urged Baili Hongyi to approach Siyue for assistance after speculating that Liu Xiang must be planning to steal the copper from Lianshan Mountain. Siyue called the inner guards and Baili Hongyi to the copper smelting workshop beneath the city, but all the workers had left the previous night. Gao Bingzhu walked by himself to the Xunshan Duke’s Mansion. Liu Xiang acknowledged being a part of Chunqiu Tao.

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