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Tep Thida Phob Presh Ang Kea Chinese Drama

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Synopsis Tep Thida Phob Presh Ang Kea Chinese Drama

Tep Thida Phob Presh Ang Kea Chinese Drama Juvina encountered her parents, but they failed to recognize her, and Juvina was unable to explain why her mother had changed into a man. When Dr. Li said that she was a dangerous individual spreading the virus and was being rewarded, the press reported Juvina’s presence while she was still considering how to make up a justification for herself to crawl inside this house. wanted.

Juvina protested that she was not the sought-after individual, but her parents disregarded her and instantly donned a mask before handing her over. The research institute received Juvina. She tried to flee by taking advantage of the fact that those nearby were distracted, but she didn’t anticipate being caught in the end. Dr. Li informed Juvina that he was now the representative of the nation in charge of the Venus Project. Before taking Juvina to the laboratory, they wanted to examine her.

Juvina couldn’t flee, so she could only cooperate with the inspection at first. She had no idea what she would encounter next. Following some testing, Dr. Li declared Juvina to be an extinct lady and requested Benson to provide Juvina’s organs. Someone inquired about Juvina’s urination when Benson was explaining the organs, so Benson gave Juvina some food in response.

Benson had to consume a little of each dish to reassure Juvina since she dared not attempt to eat the food he had sent. Juvina might look better in some of the clothing Benson discovered. He talked to Juvina about her ancestry after she had transformed. After talking with Juvina for a while, Benson ran into Abben, who had come to meet Juvina, at the research center. He was aware that Abben had accompanied Juvina since Abben resembled him identically.

Benson was informed of their condition by Aben, who also expressed a desire to research how they can exit this parallel universe because they currently lacked a means of escape due to the lack of established technology there. Abben intended to enter as Benson in order to visit Juvina, but he had no idea that Juvina would suddenly know him. When Aben questioned Juvina about the circumstance, Juvina revealed that she had used eggs as bait and that everything was currently secure. He moved in with Benson and talked about his plans to depart with Benson.

Abben still hasn’t figured out how to get away. He is limited to briefly revealing Benson’s name, entering and leaving the institute, and meeting with Juvina to come up with a solution. Abben headed to the Science Department to find a solution, but he didn’t anticipate that Dylan would be there. He couldn’t help but hug Dylan since he missed Dylan so much. When Aben awoke, he understood that the Dylan standing in front of him was actually the Macallan that Dr. Li had duplicated, and that in this reality, the copy was still a superb one.

When Abben examined the items in McAllen’s office, he unintentionally found a picture of a wormhole on the latter’s computer. He believed McAllen had taken it, but he had no idea that McAllen had imagined it, which made him extremely unhappy. An accident occurred. Macallan revealed Aben his other studies when he saw that Aben was interested in his imagination, and Aben learned that Macallan had also been researching particle converters.

The public’s perspective has shifted. Everyone believes that Dr. Li duplicated Juvina, which is why they want Dr. Li to turn over Juvina. As a result, the institution organized several live news events for Juvina. When Benson was being questioned by Aben about duplicating, Juvina had started working as an announcement artist, according to the news.

Every day, Juvina was questioned about women. Everyone attending the program mimicked what Juvina said, considered methods to copy her, and wished they could transform into women. The males in this room did not apply makeup on ladies, so they made Juvenal seem extra frightful as he was preparing to make another appearance on the program. Juvenal was only able to redress oneself in her own manner.

Ju Weina’s business potential caught the attention of W Group, which deployed specialist Jesse specifically to assist Ju Weina and train her in how to become the brand chief officer of Venus fashion company. Zhu Weina had no idea that she would be able to meet Song Jie, her hero, in this parallel universe. She was quite eager to choose this road and was ready for it. Aben thinks that their first goal should be to figure out a method to return, but Juweina thinks that they can’t right now and must work to produce money, therefore they are willing to take the helm of this company.

Jesse set up Juvina’s parents as her personal aides, and Juvina urged them to take advantage of the chance to live the high life. Juvina soon changed and returned in front of everyone, but surprisingly, her aunt arrived just then. Aben could only locate a diaper to provide Juvina with short-term comfort because he was unable to locate a sanitary napkin for her to use. Juvina is completely engrossed in her present life, and Aben can only gently remind Juvina that her family is still waiting for her to return. He needs to figure out a means to return alone if she makes it plain that she doesn’t want to go back.


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