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Vireak Boros Hour Yean Chea Chinese Series Foreign nations invaded during the last stages of the Qing Dynasty, making life exceedingly tough for the populace. Jinmen Huo Yuanjia was raised in a family of martial artists. He developed his own Mizong Quan based on his family’s instruction. He desired a duel with Wu, the greatest swordsman in the city, to identify the genders. The 1898 Reform Movement was failing at this point. Tan Sitong refused Wang Wu’s invitation to leave the city. Shan Po Ying ultimately succeeded in capturing Tan Sitong. The Big Sword King Wu was stopped on the road and questioned by Huo Yuanjia and his disciples Gao Qi, Xu Dayou, and Xiao Wu as to why he was breaking the previously established martial arts agreement. Wang Wu sold his weakness and submitted since he had no desire to engage in combat. Despite being aware that he had lost,

Huo Yuanjia continued to pursue Wang Wu. Yingsi, the leader of Shanpu Camp, is a scum of Yingzhaomen. His true name is Lu Siying. He ordered his soldiers to assault Wang Wu’s home. Huo Yuanjia acted and saved the outnumbered Wang Wu. Huo Yuanjia discovered that Tan Sitong and other people would be slain in a few days and that Ying Si had set up an ambush in the jail through Liu Zhensheng, the oldest disciple who was on duty at the capital prison. Wang Wu planned a heist of the jail, but Huo Yuanjia stopped them as they reached the target. Wang Wu left people near the jail because he didn’t trust Huo Yuanjia’s assertions, but in the end he witnessed the ambushes attacking the camp. Huo Yuanjia was solicited for payment by Wang Wu, yet he nevertheless suggested a contest between two individuals. Two masters from Beijing and Tianjin fought each other with swords and weapons in the Cangshan Tower Forest. Wang Wu eventually requested a sworn marriage to Jinlan. Liu Zhensheng recognized Wang Wu’s real motive for entering into a sworn sworn relationship with Huo Yuanjia, which was to use his cover as a jailer to free Tan Sitong. Unexpectedly, Huo Yuanjia already knew about it when Liu Zhensheng told her about it.


Huo Yuanjia first disputed that Wang Wu had expressed his desire to give his life in return for Tan Sitong’s freedom during the martial arts competition. Huo Yuanjia was adamant that she would go with Wang Wu to save Tan Sitong. The two inmates entered the facility via Liu Zhensheng, but Tan Sitong resisted making another break for freedom. In order to break the impasse, Tan Sitong came to a compromise and requested Wang Wu to visit his home and retrieve the secret imperial decree. Huo Yuanjia appeared to be quite ashamed as she faced Tan Sitong alone. Tan Sitong saw Huo Yuanjia to be exceptional and a master of martial arts, so he used the occasion to educate the populace and point out that for the nation to be revitalized, it was not enough to rely just on top-down changes by the ministers but also required the rising of all walks of life. People who practiced martial arts had obligations as well.


That example, by practicing martial arts, we may improve the Chinese people’s physical health and transform their decadent look. Huo Yuanjia was even more in awe of Tan Sitong. But even though I understand that it is quite narrow-minded to fight just for martial arts grades, certain facts take some time to sink in. Tan Sitong whispered to Huo Yuanjia in private, asking for assistance from the other person. Wang Wu returned with the imperial edict, but Huo Yuanjia’s hand struck him out cold. When Ying Si came to after losing consciousness, Tan Si was standing in front of the wall reciting a beautiful poetry that began, “I am smiling to the sky from my sword.” Tan Siping and six other men killed in Caishikou. Finally, Wang Wu, who came on Pegasus, was too late. Despite the risk, he recovered Tan Sitong’s remains and refused to pardon Huo Yuanjia, who had endured much. The Huo family in Jinmen felt at ease when the Gengzi Year arrived two years later. The Huo family was making preparations for Huo Yuanjia’s marriage, and father Huo Endi was pressing his daughter to be married.

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